Who We Are

We are a group of ordinary people from all walks of life who believe that Jesus changes lives, bringing forgiveness and a new beginning to all who call on Him. We are very much a family Church and enjoy the rich diversity of gifts and talents that come from young and old alike. All are welcome to share the gifts God has given them whether it is in worship, or in service.


We believe that Jesus can and does change peoples lives, bringing forgiveness and a new beginning to people. He can set us free from the past, challenge our lifestyles and give power to change, to be more like Jesus. Progress may seem slow at times, but God is always working in us.

Our Purpose

The Vines Church exists to reflect the glory of God by providing a centre from which WORSHIP, WITNESS and WHOLENESS will give evidence, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to the community at large, of God’s love and concern for us in Jesus Christ, with the desire that the Kingdom of God will increase.

Social Distancing Layout
Social Distancing Layout
Layout in Normal Times