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Sermons at The Vines are usually recorded (audio only!) and are available here for reference, refreshment, or as a "catch-up" for anyone who couldn't be present on the day.  They are live recordings, so quality may not always be the best.


The recordings are freely available to listen to, but copyright remains with The Vines Church, so please ask permission before using these recordings, or parts of these recordings, anywhere else.



Latest Posts

21 January 2024

Posted on 22nd January, 2024

Mark bailey led our service this morning, and titled his talk "Grateful for Grace"


14 January 2024

Posted on 22nd January, 2024

Suzanne Cuthbert spoke about Faith this morning.


7 January 2024

Posted on 22nd January, 2024

At our first Family Service of the New Year, Alison West suggested we Get Up each day.


31 December 2023

Posted on 3rd January, 2024

On the eve of a new year Allan Dyke shared some thoughts on the end of Advent and on our "theme verse" for 2024.




17 December 2023

Posted on 29th December, 2023

At our last Sunday meeting before New Year's Eve - Christmas Eve we are joining Borstal Baptist Church for their service - Bruno Lionnet spoke about Waiting on the Holy Spirit.


10 December 2023

Posted on 10th December, 2023

Mark bailey, one of our Elders, spoke this morning about the times that Jesus said "I am".


26 November 2023

Posted on 3rd December, 2023

Allan Smith visited us this morning and spoke about the Faithfulness of God.


19 November 2023

Posted on 20th November, 2023

In between Harvest and Winter, Remembrance and Advent, is a good time to consider where we are, and where we are going.  Allan Dyke talked about his feelings and ideas for the Vines.

Time for a bit of a catch up

Posted on 15th November, 2023

We've been particularly bad at keeping up to date over the last few months - it's just one of the down sides of being busy doing the things that a church like ours wants to do.


So these are some of our recent recordings.  We hope they're helpful.


12 November - Sharon Millar shared some of her journey in building their fellowship at Medway Vineyard Church.:-



29 October - Ruth Lindsay, from Medway Food Bank, gavean update on the activities and issues at that project.


22 October - Suzanne Cuthbert, one of our Elders, spoke on the subject of Forgiveness.


10 September - Allan Dyke, also one of our Elders, shared thoughts on having a Grumpy Day.


Maybe we'll get better at keeping up to date.  Maybe.

11 September 2022

Posted on 18th September, 2022

Allan Dyke shared some thoughts this morning on Uncertainty.