Who's Who

Alison West



Alison moved from Swanley to Rochester in 2001 and has been at The Vines ever since. After many years working in London, she now works locally. As well as working for the church, she also works for a charity based in Zimbabwe and a local lettings agency. She is also a Trustee of Medway Foodbank.


Alison is our first point of contact for almost everything - she is the "face of The Vines"!


The Vines Church is led by a group of Elders working a team.  They all take equal responsibility, but their different talents and interests may mean they take a lead in different areas of church life.

Ruth Dyke

Church Secretary


Ruth is married to Allan and they have three children and six grandchildren.  She is a retired university administrator.   Ruth became a Christian in 1975 just before going to college, where she met Allan and has been a member of the Vines church since 1980.


Allan Dyke


Allan has spent pretty much his entire Christian life  at The Vines, starting in the Youth Fellowship, and working through many of the roles and responsibilities here.  Married to Ruth – and, yes, they were married at The Vines – and also retired with the same three children and six grandchildren.

Suzanne Cuthbert


Suzanne is a retired teacher, who has lived and taught throughout England and abroad, before retiring to Malta. Having been brought up in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and worshipped in Anglican, Lutheran and URC churches, she now lives in Strood and has settled at Tthe Vines

Mark Bailey


Mark's walk with the Lord began properly when he was baptized on New Years Day 1997. He has shared this journey with his wife, Marcia, and they have two daughters, now both adult. It has been a journey embroidered with hopes, dreams, diverse challenges, and many victories, through God's great Mercy and Grace. Mark says "I sense a very clear Divine call to service and commitment, and as an Elder, I get a wonderful opportunity to answer that call faithfully, honourably, and humbly". In his day job, He is a college lecturer in English, and seeks to bring these skills and put them to work in spiritual service, as we continue building the body of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Alex Cameron


Alex reired from full time employment in 2020 after a successful career in the field of avionic and cockpit displays.  He has been a member of The Vines for much of that career, and acted in a number of roles at church during that time.

He is now active in several community projects across Medway, as well as representing The Vines in Churches Together in Medway and to the wider United Reformed Church.