Time for a bit of a catch up

Posted on 15th November, 2023

We've been particularly bad at keeping up to date over the last few months - it's just one of the down sides of being busy doing the things that a church like ours wants to do.


So these are some of our recent recordings.  We hope they're helpful.


12 November - Sharon Millar shared some of her journey in building their fellowship at Medway Vineyard Church.:-



29 October - Ruth Lindsay, from Medway Food Bank, gavean update on the activities and issues at that project.


22 October - Suzanne Cuthbert, one of our Elders, spoke on the subject of Forgiveness.


10 September - Allan Dyke, also one of our Elders, shared thoughts on having a Grumpy Day.


Maybe we'll get better at keeping up to date.  Maybe.

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